MMHC - Vasectomy Reversal

Vasectomy Reversal Costs

The Minnesota Men’s Health Center (MMHC) is committed to both helping patients with the cost of their vasectomy reversal and keeping down the costs.

MMHC is able to keep down the costs for vasectomy reversal for the following reason: The vasectomy reversal is performed at MMHC, which allows for control of operating costs limiting the expense of the procedure. Along with the surgeon’s fees, vasectomy reversals require facility fees and anesthesia fees. The facility fees are typically as high as the surgeon’s fees and sometimes are higher. If the vasectomy reversal is performed at an outside institution, there is no control of the cost of both the facility fee and the anesthesia fee. As a result, vasectomy reversals at outside institutions can be more expensive.

By controlling the operating costs at the Minnesota Men’s Health Center, the expense of the vasectomy reversal can be kept to a minimum. This does not mean that safety is sacrificed, but rather that excellent care is provided in the most efficient way possible.

Cost of Program

Surgeons fees:    $2,500
Facility fees:         $2,500 (including anesthesia fee)
TOTAL:                   $5,000

Payment Methods

  • $500 non-refundable payment due at time of scheduling the vasectomy reversal (please see our Scheduling and Pre-op Forms for Vasectomy Reversals – PDF document*).
  • Remainder of payment is due on the day of the surgery using one of the following methods
    • cash or cashier’s check – $4,500
    • credit card (Visa, MC, Discover or AmEx) – $4,600