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My husband had his reversal done in November 2014 everything went great! After a few months he did do some labs to see what his count and mobility were at which they came back low of course, by this time I am worried. I called the office and they reassured me to wait and be patient. 6 more months went by and we were at 9 months, labs all came back around same levels. So I called office and they told me to give it time and not to jump the gun and do IVF. So he tried acupuncture and fertiaid. I finally said forget let’s stop trying and book our wedding in mexico and we can figure out baby thing later. We get everyone booked and paid! November 2015 I woke up and wasn’t feeling right, my husband says your pregnan,t I said no probably not.  I’m probably coming down with the flu! Well next morning I took a pregnancy test and it was positive.  I was so shocked and happy! We now have a 3 month princess who we adore. We are so happy.  Thank you guys for doing an amazing job and being so positive throughout this whole process!

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