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Back in January of 2008, we underwent a vasectomy reversal by Dr. Schow.  He was a great guy, very kind and compassionate.  The surgery went well.  It worked and we began our mission to conceive.  After a year went by I became a little concerned.  After two years went by I was close to giving up.  For whatever reason it took so long I could not tell you, it really doesnt matter.  In June of 2010, finally a positive pregnancy test.  Our daughter was born Feb 23, 2011.  A little while later we began talking about the idea of trying again.  Little did I know that while we were having that conversation, I was already pregnant.  Daughter #2 arrived Feb 21, 2013.  Dr. Schow, you have had quite a hand in giving us two healthy beautiful, amazing daughters and I have always wanted to thank you.  You are and always will be very much appreciated.  We cannot thank you enough.

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