MMHC - Vasectomy Reversal

Visiting MMHC’s Vasectomy Reversal Center

MMHC’s Nationally Recognized Vasectomy Reversal Center is located in Woodbury, Minnesota, just 20 minutes from the Minneapolis/St Paul International Airport. See theTravel to Our Center page as well as the Contact Us for more information on the location and local hotels and restaurants. The new state of the art outpatient surgery center was opened in June 2008.  Plenty of free patient parking is available directly in front of the center. Handicap accessible parking is also available to the left of the entrance doors. The entrance into the center is located at Suite 108.

After entering the lobby proceed to the reception window where the office coordinator will check you in.

In the consultation room, Dr Schow will discuss the vasectomy reversal procedure including the different methods for reversing vasectomies and their associated success rates. The VR overview page provides an extensive review of the vasectomy reversal procedure. Dr. Schow will also discuss the potential risks of the procedure as well as the postoperative instructions and expectations. The initial consultation takes about 30 minutes. You will then be introduced to the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) who will be providing your anesthesia during the surgery. The CRNA will review the options for anesthesia and inform you about what to expect during the surgery from an anesthesia standpoint. The VR overview page provides information on anesthesia as well.

After completing the consultations with Dr. Schow and the CRNA, Kevin (Dr. Schow’s surgical assistant) will introduce himself and bring you to the operating room suite.


You will go to the recovery room where you will change into a hospital gown. Lockers are provided for you clothing and valuables. After changing you will be brought to the operating room.
The CRNA and Kevin will make sure you are comfortable on the operating room table and begin preparations for the surgery. Once you have been provided with proper anesthesia, Dr. Schow will begin the surgery. The surgery lasts between 1 ½ hours to 2 hours. After the surgery you will be brought back to the recovery room. Recovery typically takes 15-30 minutes. During the recovery, your partner or responsible party will be allowed to visit with you and you will be allowed to have sips of water and crackers if you desire. Once you have completed the recovery process your will be ready to leave for home or your hotel. The overall time from arrival to departure is typically 2 ½ to 3 hours.