MMHC - Vasectomy Reversal

About MMHC

MMHC is located in Minnesota and primarily serves the midwest region including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska on all vasectomy reversal and related men’s reproductive health issues. However, Dr. Schow is nationally recognized as an expert in microsurgical vasectomy reversal, and vasectomy reversal patients come from all across the nation to have Dr. Schow perform their vasectomy reversal. Some of the states that patients have come to reverse their vasectomies from include Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas and Hawaii. Dr. Schow has also had international vasectomy reversal clients including patients from Australia, Canada, Japan and Mexico.

Dr. Schow’s vasectomy reversal success rate for restoring if there is not sperm in the ejaculate is 97% (bilateral vasovasostomies) based on data from the last 1000 vasectomy reversals performed at MMHC. Dr. Schow performs 6 – 8 vasectomy reversals per week.

At the Minnesota Men’s Health Center we pride ourselves on the confidential and thorough evaluation of your medical problem, including vasectomy reversals, by health care professionals specifically trained in the male reproductive health area.